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We originally sold thousands of sets of these landmark works for $129. But through this special sale, we are offering the same package of Robert Ringer's three greatest classics at a huge discount.

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“As a marathon runner, I have had Ringer in my ears on my workouts for 30 years. He has been a guiding light for me and an inspiration. He is a national treasure.”

— Mark Adamson, M.A.

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  • Note: These are not summaries or abridged versions, but full-length, word-for-word audio editions of all three books — more than 21 hours of nonstop listening that includes:

    Winning Through Intimidation

    Looking Out for #1

    Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves

Again, the original price of this three-book audio set was $129. But during this special sale, the price to you is only $49. That’s right, the price for all three books — more than 21 hours of audio — is only:


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Sample comments from the millions of entrepreneurs, salespeople, small business owners, and executives worldwide who have elevated their game to a whole new level of success by tapping into Robert Ringer’s life-changing wisdom.

“God, you’re GOOD!!! Thank you again and always for your precise and insightful comments. … Without trying to “sound corny,” YOU ARE A NATIONAL TREASURE!”

“Lucky” Hilderman

“I have benefited from your extensive knowledge for at least 20 years. Just wanted to take a moment and thank you so much for all you do for so many. You are a gift to us, and thankful and appreciative am I for having learned from you for so long.”

Dennis Antoine

“God has now blessed me with your wisdom on a daily basis. I am so glad you are on the net and speaking the truth every day. With gratitude, yours forever, eager to learn and ‘think for myself’ student.”

Jill Garber

“As a marathon runner, I have had Ringer in my ears on my workouts for 30 years. He has been a guiding light for me and an inspiration. He IS a national treasure.”

Mark Adamson, M.A.

“I want to thank you, sir, for your advice, your thoughts, and your inspiration over the years. You have made a great difference in my life! … You are a great man.”

Kerry LePage

“You, sir, are a hero — by your own standards and mine. … Perhaps you should become a politician. I believe your motives are pure, and your message could give hope to the masses — and the rest of us that see your insight and wisdom.”

Charles Boyer

“[Robert Ringer] has brought much joy into the lives of the many that he has touched with his words of intellectual wisdom and rational approach to life, and this is something one can be thankful for each and every day. I can honestly say that Robert Ringer has been the most positive and motivating force in my life, and for that I am forever indebted and grateful.”

Pitch Pitchford

“I haven’t got a clue what your religious affiliation is (or if you even have one), but to my thinking you’re something of a modern prophet. You have a unique ability not only to see reality for what it is, but to communicate that view with an uncanny level of clarity, even if the message is unpleasant.”

Kevin Mercandante

“Thank you very, very much Mr. Ringer for all the years of insightful and valuable analysis that you’ve provided to the public. … Robert Ringer is a good man and an inspiration. For years he has been educating individuals. He is phenomenal. In my opinion he should be listed among the great educators of our time.”

Reality Seeker

“You’re a free spirit, honest as they come and IMHO a national treasure. Thanks a heap, and I hope you live a healthy and active life to at least 125. We need you.”

Nick Lucko

“Thank you, Mr. Ringer. We’ve always loved how you break it all down and keep it real … and make us smile a little in the process.”

Dorothy Hughes

“Joe Karbo always amazed me, but I never realized the true potential of direct-response advertising until I saw you in action. Incredible! I’m looking forward to attending one or more of your marketing seminars. Thank you for providing me with such a valuable education, and at such a low cost. On a true-value for-value basis, I am deeply in your debt.”

Mark Nolan

“Your teachings have strengthened me for decades, putting me in the driver’s seat many times, much to the surprise of [my] negotiating counterparts!”

Patricia Wulfson

“Many years ago Robert Ringer gave me the insight, and, it must be said, the courage, to live my life on my terms. Thanks Mr. Ringer.”

Greg Dail

“Through the teachings and writings of Robert, I have managed to go from broke to a seven figure income and continue to grow and prosper — and for that I thank Robert.”

Terry Monroe

“Thank you for the terrific program you put on last Saturday in New York. I expected fun, and the experience was even better than the anticipation. … While your concerns were no doubt focused on other things, you couldn’t have helped noticing this kindred spirit laughing before you finished many of your stories. … Thanks again for all your efforts. They are very much appreciated.”

Hugh J. Perlman

“Thank you so much, Mr. Robert J. Ringer. You’ve become my mentor and you have truly and profoundly enhanced my life.”

Haim Ram

“Robert, you’re a treasure few people get to enjoy in fulfilling their lives. Yes, I’m so glad your parents decided to have children.”

Annie Sunsky

“I’ve been a member of your e-letter for about five minutes, and it’s already life-changing! Thank you so much.”

Kathy Fox Walker

“All alone against incredible odds, [Robert Ringer] fought through it to survive and prosper. I followed his example and did the same. God bless you, Robert Ringer. You will always be a hero to me.”

Gary Waltrip

“Keep on leading us through the darkness!!!”

Harry Gish

“I really respect Mr. Ringer. He is an intelligent and insightful voice in a country/world where ignorance is rampant and the-man-in-the-street interviews with the ignorant masses make one weep. Keep up the good work, Robert. We need you.”

Veronica Marco

“Thank God for your clear sanity and cognitive excellence. If only you had the blessing of being able to train all of the children in our schools and the citizens of this country.”

Reginald Thatcher

“Thanks again for all that you have done to make my life more fun and successful.”

Dr. Daniel Berry

“My husband Paul and I had the pleasure of attending your seminar in San Francisco last week, and I am very pleased to say that I am already reaping the rewards of your advice. After attending many conferences and seminars, I would say that on a ‘pearls of wisdom per hour’ scale, Mastering the Possibilities is the best of the bunch! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us.”

Laurie Baldarelli

“Forgive me for not writing before to congratulate you on the thousands of totally accurate observations you have made in the past. … Keep on telling it like it is.”

Mark L. James

“I want to thank you SO MUCH for the hundreds of thousands of dollars I’ve made in the last twenty-five years, thanks to your advice on business, life and other such topics. … Over the years of maturation, my philosophies have been greatly shaped by you. … Robert you are the best.”

Jim Alexander

“You’ve opened my eyes to what I didn’t know I needed to know. A hole in my life has been filled with information and encouragement. … I’m so glad you’re a part of my quest for happiness/self-improvement/success/etc.”

Janet May Roberts

“My hat’s off to Robert Ringer. This guy is a radical thinker, honest, extremely cutting edge and bold… and I have been a great fan for a few decades.”

Rik Carswell, China

“I love your work Robert. A voice of honesty, clarity, and sanity. Thank you.”

Ian Brendish

“In short, you helped me put my head on straight from an early age, and that has helped me avoid many of the pitfalls that beset people. … Thank you again for helping to make this world a better place for your readers!”

Doug Dougherty

“When I was 30, you saved my life, allowing me to gain perspective on life and use intellect rather than emotion as a basis for action. Thanks, Robert, for helping preserve my sanity.”


“Why don’t we put aside our personal wisdom for just a while, and every chance we get, encourage, plead, browbeat, reason with, cajole — whatever it takes to get Ringer to declare [his] presidential candidacy and get on with messages that Americans need to hear.”

Pete DiOrio

“On the whole, all of the speakers at the boot camp were great. … but Mr. Ringer stood out like no other. … Ringer may be the only motivational speaker I have ever heard who I actually thought gave me something I could use. … [He] did not try to pump us up, though his talk certainly had that effect. Rather, he tried to leave us with an understanding of what it was going to take for us to find motivation and stay motivated.”

James Sadler
Attorney at Law

“It was so good to see you after having read all your books and admired your philosophy for so long. As I mentioned at the seminar, your work has helped to change my life. I am making much more now than I ever dreamed possible just a few short years ago. Thank you for taking the time and effort to put these together.”

Terry L. Brock

“You are a brilliant speaker — an entertaining, enlightening, sensible man who has a very vital message (or two or three!) for each of us in the audience.”

Bobby R. Moss

Your writings have inspired and energized several generations now, and your life’s work has benefitted mankind.”

O’Loughlin, John Michael

“I enjoyed your San Francisco seminar immensely! … What a pleasant surprise to find you sparkling with the joy of life, and, if anything, MORE positive and enthusiastic than ever!”

Russell Robinson

“[Robert Ringer] … has an uncanny knack for taking complicated issues and describing them in a way that you can understand and benefit from … Even though I have been a successful entrepreneur for many years, I still appreciate the wisdom of Robert Ringer. He has made a positive influence in my life as I’m sure he has for his millions of fans.”


“Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar last week. … When I got home I used my notes to give your seminar to my wife. Now we are both properly focused, and feeling much more positive about our situation.”

Jac Ttanna

“Robert Ringer … is what I call a “real world” philosopher. He is truly one of the best out there to guide and show you how to live a successful, happy life. He also has integrity and he’s honest. … Thank you, Mr. Ringer, not only for being a good teacher, but living first in order to teach.”

Mr. Super Star

“Everyone pays lip service to action, but Robert Ringer makes you see action in ways that are new and powerful. What I thought was especially remarkable though is how he explained the relationship between action and so many basic principles and problems we experience in our day-to-day lives … things like truth, creating value for others, virtues, self-discipline, and more. … It made me realize that I have to stop thinking in terms of “problems” and start focusing on taking the kind of action that will assure that things will come out right.”

John Allister

“Mr. Ringer, I truly respect your perspective on life. You have gotten me through some pretty tough times in my life, and I thank you so very much.”

Terry L. Perry

Please, friend, keep on speaking up for us, saying the things we know are true but have not yet articulated in connected prose. Your voice is a witness to the prayers of our faithful Founders.

Stevan Horning

“Mr. Ringer, you are a gem. Thank you for getting me to the starting line.”

Rais Keyes

“Thank you for your ongoing effort to introduce sanity into current affairs. … I have frequently applauded and been slightly awed by your prescience. … Thank you for the contribution you’ve made to making my life a little less troubled.”

Suzanne South

“It was nice meeting you again at N.C.M.R. I only wish other speakers were as motivating as you are.”

Eric Dotson

“Please count me as a ‘fellow traveler’ or friend, as I do you. Your powerful ideas have been a help in my finding answers and direction.”

Thomas Rumburg

“Thank you Mr. Ringer! I owe a great deal to you … for what I’ve learned over the years.”

Frank R. Nelson

“Thank you for having such a positive influence on my life. … Your philosophy of reality has been helpful in my business and personal life.”

Jeff Rosner

“I consider the information I buy from your organization to be among the most valuable of all. … yours has a special ‘ring’ that makes it unique. Thank you, because what I’ve learned from reading you over the years is tremendously valuable.”

Blair Hornbuckle

“I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar in Houston. It was very well presented and gave food for thought. … You did an excellent job.”

Claudia Redden

“Thank you for being a beacon and a voice of sanity to me.”

Steve Katz

“I truly love you as a wonderful human being. Continue to be who you are, and I will continue to love your articles. God Bless.”

Roy Jones

“I just wanted to tell you how truly thankful I am for your stuff.”

Edward Dwight

“Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I just signed my first million-dollar deal from a single client. It would not have been possible without applying what you taught me in Fast Track to Dealmaking Fortunes and Looking Out for #1.”

Robert Smith

“I have been reading your articles now for over five years, and I never cease to be amazed at how you manage to provide so many positive solutions to issues that concern me. … You ‘hit the spot’ so often!”

Peter Goodman

“You are certainly a gifted writer, and I always enjoy your articles. I find that they normally challenge me to think in ways I haven’t before, as well reinforce how much personal responsibility we need to take for our actions.”

Edward Papp